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Get Google Business Profile suspension help from the experts at GMB Owned!

GMB Owned can help get your suspended Google Business Profile reinstated faster than you can peel a banana! 🍌

We know that a suspended Business Profile can mean a loss of business and even worse a loss of time thanks to dealing with Google. It can also be frustrating as a legitimate business to be suspended when fake listings are everywhere.

With our Google My Business Suspension Service, you don’t have to pull out your hair. Instead have one of our experts take care of getting you back in control of your online presence. Only $500.

Google My Business Suspension Service Overview

The GMB Owned Google My Business Suspension Service allows you to work with a Gorilla-Certified™ GMB expert that has the experience working with Google to file reinstatement requests to unsuspend your profile. Your GMB expert will act as your liaison and handle all communications until a final resolution is made, saving you a ton of time and frustrating dealing with Google directly. 

Fix a Suspended Business Profile

If your Google Business Profile has been suspended, we can help you save hours of hold time and maybe a few frown lines. With our Google My Business Suspension Services we will act as the liaison between your company and Google. We start by reviewing profile based on Google My Business guidelines in order to find violations or a duplicate listing, then make any necessary changes on your behalf (with approval), before submitting your profile for reinstatement.

Appeal a Denied Suspension Request

If you have had your reinstatement request denied by Google previously, we can help you. We can review previously communications with Google, scan your Google Business Profile for Terms of Service violations, make any necessary changes, then submit your profile for reinstatement again. Note if your are using a virtual office, you will need a new physical address or switch to a service area business.

Fix Issues With Your Reinstated Google Business Profile

If you have recently had your Google Business Profile reinstated, but you have issues with it, we can help you. We will review your profile, create a document detailing issues that should be corrected including items such as primary category, business descriptions, and keywords, then enhance your profile with your approval.

Google My Business Suspensions Explained

What Is a Google My Business Suspension?

A Google My Business suspension is when Google removes your ability to edit and update your Business Profile because you are violating Google My Business guidelines. If your Business Listing gets suspended, you will get an email from Google and see a notice in your Profile Dashboard. This where the fun begins because Google doesn’t actually tell you why your profile has been suspended (but it’s definitely not your business hours).

What Is a Hard Suspension?

A hard suspension occurs when Google suspends your account permanently. If you receive a hard suspension, you won’t be able to make any more updates to your profile. You may also lose the ability to create new Business Listings.

Normally, Google gives you notice and time to fix all the problems that caused the Profile to be suspended. This is why it is important to make sure your Google Business Profile complies with Google TOS before submitting it for reinstatement.

What Is a Soft Suspension?

A soft suspension occurs when Google temporarily remove your ability to edit your profile from the search results or the Profile Dashboard. Soft Suspensions are usually triggered by a Terms of Service violation and effect both a physical location and service area business. Once violations are updated, your Profile should return to normal once reinstated.

Why Did Your Google Business Profile Receive a Suspension?

There are many common reasons why a Google My Business Suspension occurs. Your Profile could be suspended due to a simple error that triggered a Terms of Service violation. It could also be suspended due to multiple Terms of Service violations. We have even seen Google errors cause suspensions that had nothing to do with you.

This is why our Google My Business Suspension Service starts with a thorough review of your Business Profile. Our Gorilla-Certified experts will know the type of suspension, fix the issue, and then submit your Profile for reinstatement.


Google My Business Suspension Service FAQs

It depends on the severity of the suspension and whether we need to contact other parties involved. There are few types of suspensions that take longer due to the amount of paperwork involved. We’ll start working on your profile suspension immediately after receiving your email, but it could take up to 4 weeks before we are able to complete the reinstatement process depending on response times from you and Google. Most are completed faster.

We use the formal reinstatement form after we fix your policy violations in order to let Google know that your profile is in compliance with their Terms of Service. When we submit the form we get a unique ID which we record and use to track the progress of your submission, to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. If you have questions during the reinstatement process, your account manager will answer them.

If your request to reinstate your business gets rejected, you’ll still be able to view your account details, but won’t be able to make changes to your profile live. In cases were we get rejected, we will re-review your Google Business Profile to see if anything further can be changed and resubmit your Profile for reinstatement.

We would love to say that simply having a Google My Business listing setup will drive you a life changing amount of business. Unfortunately, with Google My Business, like most things in life, you get out what you put in. While having a Google My Business listing will help, you should consider ongoing management and promotion in order to get the most out of your presence.

We follow a winning reinstatement process. After submitting your request, we will review your Google Business Profile and respond to you within one business day. Once we have reviewed your Business Profile, we will work with you to resolve the issues causing your suspension. Depending on what needs to be done, we may ask you to provide additional company information or documents such as a business license, prior to submitting for reinstatement.

If your business has been reinstated, you’ll see a notification in your Google My Business dashboard. The business owners and managers will also receive an email from Google informing them that your Google Business Profile is reinstated.

If your profile is reinstated, but you don’t see it in search results yet, don’t worry. This can happen due to general processing times inside Google or because there are multiple requests from different accounts trying to get your Google Business Profile reinstated that need to be closed. If you think this might be happening to you, please let us know by sending an email to our help desk.


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